Galleywood Sign

Gwd Common

Galleywood Common

Gwd from afar
The difficulty in taking a picture of Galleywood from afar, is that it is surrounded by trees and open ground and it is up on a hill.


St Michael's churchTime has been a little short for the launch of the web site to obtain and organise many photographs of the village.

However this is our St Michael's and All Angels Church, on Galleywood Common.

There are a few other pictures below of Jubilee Park and Galleywood Common, together with a collection of the old houses within Galleywood (several from Ron White). As they are yet to be placed in order, to offer a 'tour' around Galleywood - can you place each one ?
By the way, does anybody know how many pubs there have been in Galleywood?



One of the ponds on Galleywood Common


A glade in the woods on the Common

Castle House
Castle House
Rous Cottage
Rous Cottage

Jubilee Park

Goat Hall